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Tri-State Furries' Journal
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in Tri-State Furries' LiveJournal:

Saturday, July 25th, 2009
12:49 am
Possible Furmeet reschedule for 2010 (unofficial)
Since Burlington Steamboat Days has returned to being 2 weekends instead of 1 (I just hope the same holds true for next year), I will see what I can do about holding a Furmeet most likely in Burlington, IA on June 5th and/or 6th. Venue is unknown yet, but at the very least, I could probably arrange a ballpark party if the Bees are in town that weekend! Knowing my boss if I go there, I'm pretty sure she'd let me take the 1st 2-3 days off to do this! If not in Burlington, then possibly Citizen's Lake Park in Monmouth, IL.
12:45 am
Only 2 Illinois Fairs this year on the schedule
In 2 weeks, I will be working the Illinois State Fair in Springfield for 2 weeks, followed by 1 week working the Bureau Co. Fair in Princeton, IL. Both of these fairs, I will be working for the 3rd year in a row. I've mainly been running with Mid-America Shows this year, that's why my route this year is so different
Tuesday, January 27th, 2009
11:42 pm
Tri-State Furmeet
Hi everyone! Just wanted to revive the idea of a mini furmeet. sadly the one planned for November was canceled. I was planing a small local meet in the Monmouth-Galesburg,IL area and I was wondering if anybody was interested in making this a tri-state furmeet? If so who could come?
Monday, October 13th, 2008
7:02 am
The Official Announcement (sorry it's late)
Interest is definately not the obstacle with the e-mails I have recieved, however budget is a major obstacle at this time so I will have to postpone the furmeet indefinately. On a positive note however, after doing a few Florida fairs next winter, I intend to leave the carnival business and re-persue regular truck driving which could lead to a more solid budget and the ability to give the furmeet a better timeframe.
Tuesday, August 26th, 2008
3:41 pm
Due to lack of interest, I'm thinking about possibly cancelling or postponing Tri-State Furmeet. I will not make the final decision until October 1st though. Below is a poll on if we should run the meet or not?

Poll #1248652 Tri-State Furmeet

Should I cancel or postpone Tri-State Furmeet?

Monday, August 4th, 2008
9:01 pm
Good News
It appears that Amtrak is back to being 100% operational on its Iowa lines, I know they were both down for some time with the flooding. California Zephyr server Burlington, IA while Southwest Chief serves Ft. Madison, IA 
Monday, June 30th, 2008
6:45 pm
This is the closest I'll be to Burlington until November
Tonight I'm in Dixon, IL however, I will not be working that spot as originally scheduled but it's not due to flooding. Kenny Roach, the guy who owns the carnival games I work in, decided to split up his unit on Windy City Amusements so while he runs 1/2 of his crew in 1 area, the other 1/2 will be run by his daughter Kendra, who will be brining 2 or 3 games + an airbrush tattoo with her and she want me to go with her to it! That spot will be the Great Lakes Naval Training Center around Chicago and the best news is, I'll be staying in a hotel instead of the back of a box truck! (Though that box truck does have A/C and electricity, plus I get access to our bunkhouse's sink and shower)

Also Welcome neopantyger to this thing of ours! 

Current Mood: happy
Friday, June 6th, 2008
1:13 am
Burlington Steamboat Days

Next week, all week, I will return to my home in Burlington, IA for Steamboat Days in the "Rising Waters" Water Race! If anyone's visiting and wishes to meet me, please text (815) 236-9949. I may be eating at Napoli's Pizza on some of my breaks, or early AM, Jerry's Main Lunch (great diner for breakfast).

Monday, February 25th, 2008
8:52 pm
Tri-State (Outdoor) Furmeet becoming a reality!
Opening Ceremonies: 5pm US Central Time on Friday, November 14th
Event end: TBA on Sunday, November 16th
Location: Geode State Park Campground, near Danville, IA
Age Requirements: 18 or older (21 or older to drink)
What to bring: Tent or camper, sleeping bag, warm clothing, fursuits are welcome and I will do what I can to have a headless lounge, and most importantly, common sense.
Activities planned (more may come): Fishing (Iowa license required), Hiking, Cracker Barrel, Storytelling, Capture the Flag, Pot Luck banquet, "Booze Pong" Tournament
I will NOT charge an entry fee myself, however Iowa DNR has set the following fees for camping:
Electric site: $13 per night
Non-Electric site: $8 per night
Shower and Water Hook-up: Add $3 per Night
NOTE: these fees are per lot of the campground so if you have others sharing the camper or tent with you, this would be considerably less expensive. I will also attempt to obtain some extra tents, and possibly a bunkhouse so others may be accomodated too.
It is recommended that you please RSVP by Tuesday, November 11th
To RSVP, please e-mail the following information to bassman_sts@hotmail.com (copy, paste, and answer please)
Name (as it appears on your legal ID):
Fursona (as it will appear on your badge):
Means of travel:
Tent, Camper, or buddying up with someone else?:
e-mail address:
AIM/Yahoo/MSN (optional):
Wearing fursuit?:
Food allergies? (if any):
Free shuttle provided for the following means of travel (please call my cell phone at (815)236-9949 to be picked up)
Greyhound/Trailways - Burlington, IA depot
Amtrak - Burlington, IA and Ft. Madison, IA depots
Airplane (American Connection) - Southeast Iowa Regional Airport (Burlington)
Truck drivers - 34 Fast Break Truck Stop, West Burlington, IA; BP Travel Plaza, Wever, IA; Kum & Go Newport Junction Truck Stop, Morning Sun, IA.
If parking at campground is full, please follow signs to the beach and park in that lot, I can also run shuttles from there.
If you wish to help volunteer, please call my cell phone at (815)236-9949
Volunteers needed for shuttles, setting up, tearing down, cleanup, security, and supervising activities.
1. Chances are we will not be the only ones using the campground facilities so please be respectful of the non-furry neighbors as well as the park and Iowa DNR regulations.
2. If you wish to start a campfire, please use your common sense
3. Everyone will be carded before they recieve their badge of entry. If you are under 21, your badge will be vertical instead of horizontal
4. Please do your best to keep the area clean. Remember I do not own this place, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources does!
5. The park has a 10pm "quit time" rule so please make sure that if you play music, etc. after then, it is not disturbing the non-furry neighbors.
Saturday, February 23rd, 2008
5:58 pm
Events I got in the woodworks for TSF

Note: These events are not official, but if and when they become official I will let you know IMMEDIATELY! The reason I am posting these possible events is simply to see if I can gather enough interest to sucessfully pull them off.

Saturday, June 7th or Sunday, June 8th - Furball: Furries at the BallPark! Community Field, Burlington, IA

November 14th-16th - TriState (Outdoor) Furmeet, Geode State Park (near Danville, IA)

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
1:30 pm
Possible party/furmeet/con venues

Please feel free to submit your own ideas, these are ones I've thought of.
p-party, f-furmeet, c-con *-If I or anyone else can get it booked **-If I or anyone else owns or can afford to get a lot there
Geode State Park - near Danville (p,f and possible flagship location)
Best Western Pzazz/Fun City - Burlington (c)
Rand Park - Keokuk (f)
Community Field (Burlington Bees Baseball game) - Burlington (p*)
40 & 8 Park (Behind Community Field) - Burlington (p,f*)
Midwest Old Thrashers and Heritage Museum - Mt. Pleasant (f*)
Camp Eastman - Between Navou and Hamilton (f*)
Citizen's Lake Park and Campground - Monmouth (p,f)
Lake of the Oaks - Near St. Patrick (p,f**) - In my opinion, the perfect headquarters for furry parties and gatherings.

Friday, February 15th, 2008
8:33 pm
Welcome to this thing of ours
My name is Steve "The BassMan" Sandell from Burlington, Iowa. I formed this group simply to try to bring together furries from the Iowa/Illinois/Missourri Tri-State Area. I myself have been wanting to form a furry gathering, party, or even a con for sometime and believe that the Tri-State area could more than use one. If you are a furry and not of the Tri-State area, don't feel left out! You are still more than welcome to join and convene with us! 

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